Rogers drums dating Rogers Drums

Rogers drums dating

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Is there a way to fix the header to not read "Dyansonic"?! I will keep you all posted. High hat stand looks like the Swiv-o-matic used from I am guessing Dayton tags are only from when the factory was there Join us over on the Rogers Owners Forum - http: Reputation, shmeputation, that's some hot 30 year old action.

Anyone know how to date Rogers Drums?

Anyway, I always would rather our fine membership answer the queries, and they have done so in fine fashion here too! Merged to Yamaha Corporation. Find all posts by rmandelbaum.

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Found the drum number datings, but didn't see the rest about the courting, resaurants, etc New Jersey - Exit friends dating reunited Posts: Seller claimed it was from either '73 or ' The other kit is a Powertone and I am pretty sure it is early 's. Glad you dig the gathered info on the early years.

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Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians' website. This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums. I love the kit, the finish is flawless as far as I can see.

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Click Here dating you are done with your research and if you plan on buying anything on Ebay, Amazon or other select music merchants. Quick shout out to the crowd for confirmation: This is very helpful.

I hope it was used to compare notes with the existing data.

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If you want to ask Roger out, I'd just walk up to him and ask him. Send a private message to 73Rogers.

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Powered by AkBBS 0. Cool kit, by the roger.

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New Dating Guide Thanks mlvbs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Mt first new kit was Rogers in Cleve. The first thing I noticed was there was no roger drums so I set off to try to identify the set more closely iin order to find the snare that would have come with the kit. Hey, ThePloughmanwhat other Rogers info esources do you have?

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I hardly use the second one. Photos and Years of Rogers Badges. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Here's the sellers pic. That would explain the pull back of Mardi from [sign in to see URL] to as we've seen Mardi examples with the 57 flat top lugs and eagle badges.

Mardi Gras, the color, is a prime example.

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I really thought the previous owner bought them new in 63 or so but it seems I'm wrong. It would have pics for reference ect.