Dating gibson guitars Gibson Serial Numbers

Dating gibson guitars, general gibson serial number information

Labels hollowbody models only.

Gibson Headstock Logos Through The Decades

White rectangle "Norlin" label with black and purple triangles: Les Paul Classic, present. This is very similar to Behlen's Violin Varnish still available today.

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Fingerboard Woods Fingerboards, bridges and other small parts made from rosewood are all the Brazilian variety till All second instruments are usually worth less than the same guitar that is not a second given condition as the same. On flat tops it became the neck block stamped.

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The thickness of the headstock, however, is not as vulnerable to guitar or replacement. Note the "inked on" serial number. For many vintage instruments, determining the date of manufacture involves little more than running the serial number through a reference guide. This was the case in the years, and The small brass Gibson plaque was still used until the later 's.

The "single ring" refers to the single ring around the plastic button.

The current Gibson serial number system

Low end models with no serial number. Note many serial numbers are duplicated from This will greatly influence value.

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The worse Gibson reject is the "BGN" stamp, designating that instrument as a "bargin" guitar. This was short lived though. Humbucking two pickup Gibsons.

Before mid, most Gibson headstocks bumble bee dating site thinner at the top when looked at from a side profile.

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Also fancier models can even have some sort of pearl inlaid decoration a "crown" or long skinny "diamond" on the peghead just below the "Gibson" logo. Fender decoder Martin decoder. This style logo with detached "i" dot was used from toand again from to dating.


It is easy to confuse 5 digit and 6 digit serial numbers from this era, and hence get the wrong year for a guitar. First is the "fully hollowbody" style. These are several different types of Gibson guitars made.

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