4 ohm hook up How to Wire a Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer in Parallel for a 2 Ohm Load

4 ohm hook up

Now cut two pieces of the black negative wiring; one 1' piece and one 2' piece. The Kicker CVX subwoofer will be loaded inside of the vented box. The 2' pieces are used to connect the subwoofer to the box terminal.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials and Prepare the Box

The loaded subwoofer enclosure can now be connected to an amplifier that matches the ratings of the installed subwoofer. Fill the subwoofer box with Poly-Fil. Polyfill slows down the flow of air through the box, tricking the speaker into thinking it's in a bigger box.

This is connecting the voice coils and wiring them in a parallel configuration. This is a basic way in which you can wire a dual 4 ohm subwoofer to a 2 ohm load. Here, Kicker is using blue and black. Nice write up man. If you are looking to get the most power out of your amplifier for your sub, this is one of the best ways to wire your subwoofer.

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What type of material do u use to insulate it? The 1' strands of speaker wire are used to connect the subwoofer's voice coil terminals together. You never actually read any thing about building boxes have you? If the box is already the right size and then you put in polyfill you run the risk of blowing the sub as it now sees a much larger box size. Now you should have a X-crossed wiring design across the bottom of your subwoofer. Hookup club legit is the list of items that are used for this simple installation.

Adding Poly-Fil simulates a larger box, which results in deeper bass.

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This subwoofer is designed to be used with either a sealed or a vented box, however a vented sometimes referred to as ported enclosure is used for this instructable. To do so, a 1 foot section of positive speaker wire and a 1 foot section of negative speaker wire is cut and prepared.

A 2 foot section of the 12 gauge speaker wire was soldered to the back side of the box terminals to provide a secure connection.

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Any speaker box should always be filled with loose polyfill. Press on the top of the first negative terminal to open up the terminal. Because the woofer is a Dual 4 ohm we are going to have to connect the two terminals on the subwoofer.

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Push down on the first positive terminal and insert the stripped end of the second piece of blue positive wire. Then, ohm hook down on the first positive terminal and insert the stripped end of the blue positive wire. Gmatti author Gmatti Reply The sub will be wired in "parallel" to achieve this impedance ohm. Polyfill also makes bass sound cleaner by reducing standing waves like echos inside the box and helps the speaker produce a flatter frequency response.

Introduction: How to Wire a Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer in Parallel for a 2 Ohm Load

Because the box is vented, The Poly-Fil was adhered to the box with a spray adhesive mn dating forums prevent it from being pushed out the vent during use. Can I ohm hook wire two x2 watt Subs at the subwoofer box terminals or should I parallel wire inside the box at the speaker terminals. Different companies use different colors or manners to represent the positive and negative wires. This windows 8 hookup apps if the speaker is in a box that's too small as often happens in car audio.

This way you don't need the polyfill. Mount the Kicker 06CVX subwoofer and grill into the box using screws and a power drill to drill the screws into the wood box. Push down on the first negative terminal and insert the stripped end of the second piece of black negative wire.

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