Metal speed dating Speed Metal Dating!

Metal speed dating

As embarrassing as this could be, I am nigerian dating site houston of those who is honestly looking for a match where I can be myself, go to shows and festivals all over the world with someone that has the same interest and desires. Brett Williams is a writer in New York.

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When the daters are only on their second matches, one unsatisfied customer stormed out. The fun outweighed the romance "As for me, I got some numbers, some compliments, a couple dates, and a slew of new friends to go to shows with.

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Comedian Dave Hill, the emcee for the metal, said something unintelligible and started up a song. And, in a rookie mistake, signed my first and last name.

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When it speed ended, everyone hit the bar to mingle and exchange numbers and stories. I had no expectations or desire to find my metal maiden at Speed Metal Dating, but for some, it totally worked!

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We joked, we talked, it was pleasant! The bachelors were quite varied. Only went to the event as a social experiment. Some were already coupling off including one of the friends I had brought along, heavily petting a mustachioed hipster in a dark corner.

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The event, held on April 10,at St. No one knew what they were doing or had to do, so it was a bit confusing for many, including myself. I could not have had any more conversations.

Not everyone there was a metal head -- or a speed dater

Travel nerd, dog obsessed, and avid dater, you've probably seen her running around Brooklyn headbanging at a show with a slice of pizza in one hand and her phone open to the happn app in the other. I did meet one guy who went to the same metal bar I went to in high school.

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That said, I always thought speed dating was just some ridiculous trope invented purely for romantic comedies when the characters need an outlandish situation to crash. And they were pretty! I admittedly spent most of the night ragging on the untraditional setup of the event.


Speed Metal Dating was definitely a success for some people including lucky Bachelor No. But, in the end, I had too much of a good dating to deny it. Vitus event, but it did end up having a similarly large turnout. Why am I wasting my face muscles on you? I found the event registration, signed up, and slapped on a name tag with even more inverted crosses. My friend from Scotland, for example, asked to impregnate the majority of the women he spoke to so he could get a green card, and even told one woman that he wanted to fuck her pit bull.

The setup was a lot speed dating organized than I expected, the registration only took about a minute.

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I had no idea how this one would turn out, and part of me thought it would be some random exchange at the bar. Everyone was also in agreement that the event itself was totally ridiculous.