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But, if I was knocking down grand a year, I would probably buy the nicer ones too. In order to be able to post messages on the Motorhome Forums, Motorhome Discussion, Motorhome Chat forums, you must first register.

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A few months ago, after much googling using different terms, I found something that looked OK but stupidly didn't buy it at the time. Originally Posted by p-c View Post. Does anyone know where I can get one like this, but for a hook up cable?

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I have had my posts regarding this hook up lead reel equipment rated 1 by someone who seems to have a "better" way though. I have access to a machine shop so I thought about a bushing that would fit snugg around the bolt and have it drilled and tapped so I could have anther bolt or all thread straight up giving another attaching point for the cable end.

help hooking up welding reels cable?

I've thought just a rotating wheel but figured it would get twisted badly at the end that will be hooked to the welder. By hurricunning Date By Black Wolf Date By uphill Date By sbcmweb Date Puget Sound Olympic - Section Brand New reels again. I guess thats what I am thinking about making was the "live" spools but figured if I did'nt get it right I run the risk of shorting something out on my rig.

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I still like basic wraps for the bad mud days though But WE have all the toys! I have had my Alumareels for just about two years now I think and like J Hall's they are kept out of the weather in a lockable cabinet. Well both reels are insulated from the deck, and the reels are isolated from each other, sooooo, whats the question again I have been using the Alumireels for a few months now and I would not go back to loops.

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Does this make any sense? Nevada - Section North Florida - Section ChrisandJohn and andrewball like this.

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For what I do, dragging cables down lines of equipment, or over the sidewalls into open top tanks etc all day long isn't Professional, OR Productive when I am fighting with a wadded up pile of cable leads laying on the ground getting snagged on everything and tangled up. Anybody hook up lead reel a homemade welding cable reel? BB code is On. Pic 1 - Original Single Turn remote in use. Really these are cheap reels, I personally wouldn't want the entire reel to be live as it appears to be.

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Fella that builds these can make them for any manufacturer or model. I seem to be auful confused for such a simple install?? Find All Thanked Posts.

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Not the safest method, if everything is wet or damp and somone touches the positive one "zapo" Tom. I mean if you had reels like this and you touch both of them with a square would you get a short?

San Francisco - Section Quicker, still heavy and looks a mess in the garage. Like it was said, us poor welders have to start somewhere. I have recommended them before, and kim and kanye friends before dating recommend them again.