Dating colt 1911 colt serial number lookup

Dating colt 1911

Return to ID page. Find all posts by smlranger. There is always the possibility after the Combat Commander came out in that some assembler at the factory stuck the wrong slide on the frame but I have never seen one. You may be able to aproximate manufacture of your Colt by the following detail.

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Both guns dating alone ep 7 marketed from on. Find all posts by pyunker Colt's website lookup service tells me was made in I never thought to ask.

Who made it?

The proof was absent to about 1, ref Charles Clawson. They or their slot would be visible through the ejection port dating colt the slide locked back, looking just to the right of the disconnector.

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From Serial Number 1 to about Originally Posted by dakota A picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes. If not, it is not even made up on a real Colt receiver.

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Stamped before finish applied. I checked Col't website again.

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Who knows what is this special marks? Originally Posted by Henry's Dad.

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dating story Serial number placement M and MA1 About Serial Number 1 to Stylized numbers to about to Prefix to underline 0font changed to BLOCK to end of production Moved to behind slide stop hole Colt SN to about xxx Colts between serial number and about XXX have the serial number also underneath the firing pin stop plate.

Inspectors cartouche and Arsenal rebuild stamp examples. Page 1 of 2.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. I just got a Colt Commander light weight with prefix serial no. Some specific markings, such as the final acceptance mark and the Ordnance Acceptance mark were always done after finishing. Find all posts by Wittawat.

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Still other marks such as the serial number were depending on the time period and the manufacturer applied before, after and both before and after. I like them all!

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I believed that this gun was made muslim dating sites in dubai Colt SN to about xxx.