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Batman dating harley quinn

Blood Follow Forum Posts: Her toxins are manual.

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I think harley would dating harley a better girlfriend with RedHood thai lady dating events of his conecttion with joker. Harley was not crazy before she met joker. We didn't want to write a scene where Batman was trying to arrest her because he sees that she's going through the batman.

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That man is Trip Bolodon - the Mighty Carp - and he is busy collecting samples of fish killed by the polluted waters of the river. Please Log In to post. So his little speech to Harley was both a warning and a pat on the back.

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We see him on the Hudson River and then we see his sidekick Sea Robin, which is just some stupid thing we made when we were eating at a restaurant.

While waiting around for it to start, she encounters an elderly man who openly hits on her. Well it's either this, the forum about how Poison Ivy was a terrible character, or the constant annoying Harley X Ivy threads Unfortunately, when Tony drags the bag of cash onto the stage to pay for Bruce Wayne, the Carp bursts in declaring his intent to steal the cash for himself. Don't tempt the Internet. You know it's funny because in the book we had the dream sequences and they kind pampanga dating site explore a little bit of that don't they?

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Yep I can see it happening. With help from Poison Ivy, Harley and Tony track down the kidnappers to the Aquarium, but even with all of her friends assembled, Harley insists on going it alone - and expresses some disappointment when her friends are okay with that. Within forty minutes, they have a car take them, and on the way, the Carp shares his plan to steal the funds raised to build a shelter for fish in Florida instead of the animal shelter that's meant to be built in New York.

Harley is way too crazy.

But he's cautiously optimistic about her. She expresses disinterest - and worry that she'd break him in the sack - and suggests that he get started without her.

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She is only crazy cause of Joker exploiting her, she was quite sane before she met him oh and I'm using the animated series batman for this whole scenerio. Now, though, they are free to go on their date.

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Catwoman would get into a catfight with Harley. No cached dating back to meaning of free dating mandurah found in the localStorage" ,Promise. I don't know Joker has a way of screwing with peoples minds, he used the fact Harley wanted to be a top notch psychrist and opened up to her and exploited her weaknesess.

And if it worked Spidy better behave or that make up kiss is fatal hahaah. I think she would bring more cheer to Bruce's life, she is so chipper.

Bruce Wayne Goes On A Date With Harley Quinn

Bruce is actually impressed with her selflessness. While daydreaming on the roof of her building, she is surprised by a visit from the Batman, come to thank her for helping Bruce Wayne out earlier.

Especially with this book because The Carp is in the beginning. Harley and Ivy all the way.

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For transport, Tony wrangles an ice cream truck, and soon they are at the door of Runoff's brownstone in Brooklyn. Unexpected error when trying fetch adonis-client over XHR, trying to load from cache: