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The hook up head shop

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The year old guy delivering it smokes all the time. So I don't really know the "acceptable" social rules. Last thing I need at work is getting busted for dealing out of my shop.

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I'd start a light conversation with the employee if the place isn't busy and don't directly mention anything. I wouldn't feel bad about asking other customers. Sometimes i like singing to the people in the gym, other times ill just sing to the gym.

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Artwork, GIFs, and image macros are all permitted for the day. So is it rude to ask for a hook up at a headshop?

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Once, my buddy and I were at a [4] and were looking to score some more, we walked around walmart asking. I forget it's there myself sometimes due to it being just another part of the furniture. Just trying to learn. I'd love to get into having a small stealth indoor grow.

When I lived in California, when I went to buy a new piece at a nearby headship the guy there instantly knew of course, it is California and oc weekly dating straight up talking about it.

I would go in and get to know the same person that looks like they smoke which should be very easy.

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There are one or two linkswhere you can see at which spots in your new city you can catch some. I have the hook up head shop ask me all the time and I tell them no, if they push the issue I boot em out. I would probably go other places then a smoke shop though.

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