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Singa-scene 30 things to do in Singapore in November This goes out to all rugger fanatics: I had no idea such a tranquil place could exist right in the heart of a shopping mall.

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It's a great education experience for families. As I grew older, the Arts House soon became a regular haunt for my theatre loving friends and I, where we would sometimes drop by to catch some lesser-known foreign art films or treat ourselves to a whimsical play or two by budding local talents.

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Every parent’s dream guide to Hokkaido with kids!

Register To Unlock Options Advertise with us today! Indulge the child in you and go to an amusement park to enjoy the rides.

Discuss with each other what you think of the book. I was also pleasantly surprised yesterday when I visited the library because there was a violin performance going on which I did not know about.

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Learning is a free dating process. Write ten questions about yourselves.

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That's what makes it so fun. Would you try a facial that uses nightingale droppings?

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But make sure you return the favor! Other than that, i really enjoy prawning there.

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Get some fresh air outdoors together, perfect fun for couples definitely! You and your spouse can visit art exhibits and pretend to be art critics for a day.

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While music and visuals can eloquently tell stories, nothing gets the message across more articulately than words. Staycations We got wet and place at this newly expanded water park.

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Retail Therapy Christmas markets, bazaars and pop-ups for offbeat gifts. I remember detesting NEWater just because of the fact that it is recycled water - I used to call it "bottled toilet water".

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Check dates and locations via sso. List out all your favourite hawker haunts or scour the Internet for new ones! The ultimate fun for couples.

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Has Singapore left a mark on you? Foodie Guides You can now have Michelin-worthy food delivered.

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Feast your eyes on amazing night views in the city area where iconic architectural structures light up after sunset! Free tours are run monthly; visit nparks. Everyone knows of the Merlion Park at One Fullerton.

Practical Stuff Beat the grind: Local are paid dating sites better than free are popping up in the unlikeliest of places, but they sure are close to our hearts.