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This device has an HDMI display output which can be used for an external display to free the second Thunderbolt Option Card port for other devices. This can be achieved in the following ways:.

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The maximum refresh rate is 30 Hz in this configuration. Multi-unit cascading is unsupported at sample rates of To re-enable FireWire functionality on Apollo models with FireWire ports, the Apollo firmware must be downgraded, and this firmware downgrade must be performed hookup uad connected via Thunderbolt.

Outboard audio gear can be used for hookup processing with Apollo Twin.

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Instead, designating Apollo or Apollo 16 as the monitor unit is recommended to take advantage of their additional outputs for CUE routing and ALT monitoring. For complete operating instructions, see the Apollo Software Manual. Apollo cannot be used by connecting it to a Mini DisplayPort connector.

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Per the Thunderbolt specification, bus power is supplied to downstream daisy-chained peripheral devices. Apollo Twin can remotely control the monitor level of the system even when it is an expander unit. Although Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort devices have the same physical connector, the underlying communication protocol used by these devices is different.


With Thunderbolt 1 uad such as Apollo with the original Thunderbolt Option Card, or a Thunderbolt 1 chassis connected to a Mac Thunderbolt 1 or 2 port, it is still possible use 4K displays. MacBook Pro with Retina Display: On Windows 10 systems: All UA Thunderbolt devices must be connected to the same Thunderbolt bus on the computer.

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Apollo must be powered on arizona law on dating a minor the daisy-chained peripheral to receive Thunderbolt bus power. Was this article helpful?

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Was this article helpful? Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. Was this article helpful?

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The Thunderbolt protocol supports a maximum of six Thunderbolt peripherals per Thunderbolt bus. For details, see "Revert to FireWire connectivity August 18, Adding a Hookup bellevue 1 device to a Thunderbolt 2 chain will cause subsequent Thunderbolt 2 devices in the chain to use Thunderbolt 1 protocol.

UADの豊潤なアナログサウンドを Windows USB 3 環境で

There are generally two common needs: On Windows 10 systems: The difference between these ports and icons is shown in the illustration below. Universal Audio Thunderbolt devices are officially certified as Thunderbolt compliant and are therefore compatible with other certified Thunderbolt devices when used in the same chain.

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This will be DAW output, so you might want to label the inputs here as shown below.