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When you make fun of my skin color I'm black, btwyou're basically saying there is something genetically wrong with me.

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Some sort of Joker reference was the best I could come up with. Take it down a notch Yesiamaduck CrispinAlexander 20 Jun '11, Whether it is mean or wrong or even racist doesn't even come into it.

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I didn't bank on the negative reaction from some areas. It's best to leave as little personal information on the christian lifestyle dating as possible, in my experience.

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This is from bodybuilding. What he did with most of the other girls was way worse.

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Everyone gave them the label of "ugly. Posts are automatically archived troll 6 months. Had it been posted on a Tuesday site portraits before lunchtime it would have said all the same stuff but it would have taken posts to say it all.

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This is just mean and immature. All I can picture is a bunch of fat, pimply world of warcraft nerds lolling at this.

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Generally speaking, trolls don't try and crush the self esteem of people trying to find love. LOL Yesiamaduck wishpig 19 Jun '11, Yesiamaduck 19 Jun '11, Wait, is that the dating where that person committed suicide on webcam and everybody made jokes because they thought it was fake? I laughed at first but as it went on I started to get kind dating websites winston salem nc uncomfortable.

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I only found it cruel. I can't believe someone came up with idea of making fun of girls for being unattractive.

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This is a revelation! I don't get it. I love the one with batman in it and the one where he mentions the drill.

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Lots of alpha males, lots of lulz.