Miryo dating Brown Eyed Girls' Member Miryo Shares Her Experience in Lyrics

Miryo dating

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Brown Eyed Girlsmarriage. Afterward, Narsha added that she thought marriage would hurt the group's image as idols.

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Unlike Narsha, JeA's dating doesn't approach the subject of marriage with her because they still view her their little girl. JeA joked that they should make a pact to wait until they all turned 34 to get married.

Because we are a girl group, I worry about how the public will view us if we get married ," she shared. Become a fan of your favorite star! Dating has become difficult since my standards for men gradually keep getting higher and higher ," internet dating usernames list said.

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You do not have the cards that the trade host wants. You do not have the cards that you wanted to offer on this trade. There's nothing wrong with what the elders are telling me, but I'm just not very fond of arranged dates set by the families ," she said.

Group member Narsha began by revealing that she feels like she needs to be dating, but thinks finding a suitable man to go on a date with gets harder as she becomes older because she becomes pickier and more selective in the datings she looks for.

She has become worried that her lack of experience when it comes to love will affect her ability to make good music in the future, feeling like she won't have much life experience to draw inspiration from for her music. Her family has offered to set her up on dates, but she doesn't like this method of dating.

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Fellow group member JeA also feels like her standards keep getting higher as she gets older, making finding the right man increasingly difficult.

Like Scarlett says, when the time is right, each of them will find someone to be with.

Miryo rejected the proposal. The Brown Eyed Girls discussed dating, marriage plans and the difficulties they face as idols trying to find love in an interview with OSEN. About Us l Privacy Policies.

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