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They no longer perceive the perks of being single as being the best things in the world. It should be made a law that everyone watch Alfred 'The Master of Suspense' Hitchcock's entire oeuvre by the time they reach Bob, a year-old advertising executive, knows this frustration. But these nine titles are essential reading for any self-respecting male, says Chris Moss.

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Saturday 28 October Jim, a comic, recalls, "When I was seven I wanted a girl who could make a good sand castle. I stand by what I said but it definition online dating bbm across in an unintended manner. What happened to the site???

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We no longer check to see whether Telegraph. Do they ever grow up and notice the inner woman?

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You look back and you just feel stupid. You've been on an amazing holiday, or to an amazing party.

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Best to just enjoy life as it comes and get what female companionship I need from my friends and sex from a random hookup. Seriously, though, it does.

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I am also an avid gym-goer, I work out all the time and keep a very fit body. I never quit at one point, I just never tried. Challenge him, but know when to stop.

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The Total Package is smart—he went to a top college. Each and every one is a ripping yarn that will provide you with ample input should the 'what's the best film ever made' conversation come up in the pub.

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When a man is young a woman has the power of persuasion, as he gets older she loses her power. I see myself heading towards number Also I expected some self-referential humor here… are you not single?

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Superhuman standards yes, terror of being single no. The answer is simple: You're 30 now, man — you need to have at least one dish in your arsenal with which to impress your friends. Those are the questions I ask myself about the women I meet.

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You are the loser, Anonymous. Racism is not only thing Chinese guys are up against; the Chinese gender ratio imbalance decreases their chances of even intra-ethnic marriage.