Do guys like dating female doctors Do Men Like Dating a Female Doctor? Help!

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Yet you wont date someone like me.

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I have to admit there is some truth to this guy like. It's great that you're a physician, but the power and dating that come with that are things that women tend to like in men, not the other way around. Their commenting and posting styles are similar.

I am saying that if you beleive all men just want young wives, then once their previously young wife ages, they will divorce her and get a new one.

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But did you know that women pay a higher price than men to become a medical doctor. And when the hate comes and the "do not settle!

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Because actual equality escapes women. I want a guy that at the very least has a college education. March 14, at 9: But it is still not the some.

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The average, blue collar man? Women who make less also have more time due to easier career paths. If none of that applies, then there's no problem.

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Medical advice is not allowed on reddit. I hope you read my other responses. Why would a guy choose to date you over them? Are you attractive, are you pleasant to be around, can you benefit someone else's life, are you hitting on guys? He is charming, fun, good looking, and charismatic.

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On the flip-side, male doctors have quite the advantage when it comes to finding a mate, thanks to hypergamy. Throw away your job req, and think about your feelings for someone to grow old with.

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Do not directly link to comments in other subs. Now that women are making a bunch of money female doctors, the man is even less concerned about what the woman is making - attractiveness and personality matter even more, especially now that every woman can go provide for herself and it's no longer a unique quality oh the irony.

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