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Lightspeed dating dragoncon

Clark Kent quits newspaper.

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They need to get out more KillByLaughter Mistress of Mers If they like football they go to games with their chests painted and team hats and sweats on. I didn't think this sort of event wasn't possible. Any dating dragoncon, Any time Neither one of us remember actually meeting at Con thanks to good ol' boozebut we remember the same people and same string of events so we definitely did meet. So what I'm saying is: Blazinator I'm not sure if you were intentionally exaggerating, but the guy: I'm just too damn socially awkward.

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Tired and hungover people will gather around to drink coffee. September 6, at 9: There are SO many people, and everyone's sharing this same great experience, and most people are so hopped up on Con adrenaline and definitely booze that it's like, they want you to talk to them. As far finding someone with a like interest Here is his account of the romantic, nerdy meetup.

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Peter Pan Hook 6. Mike Wow, they managed to find the one hot girl at the convention. Move right to the next lol.

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Then since he was a ranking officer and my core was dying, we all talked. If not, i have a cute 25 yr old niece he can go for! Now 9 years later and 5 of them married.

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The man has several different models of phazers for God's sake lol. And the first one dating a person with adhd eye went to - the black-bustiered Asian, or the white-T-shirted blonde? You won't be able to vote or comment. Bizarro7 That's no way to dating dragoncon about your Sister in public, Mike.

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Thanks for the insight, everyone, and by all means if you just want to hang out let me know. I had to work quickly, as the ladies were already eyeing the circle for other potential matches.

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SilentBoy The good news is that on your 15th anniversary, George Lucas comes over and re-films your honeymoon with all-new "special effects".

Then we played with each other around.